March 16, 2012

New Shop!

My husband is a man’s man.  He likes to work on things and for the past 7 years, since we moved to the property we are on, he has wanted a shop to do his working in.  He has things that he has been wanting to make and build but hasn’t had the place to do it.  Well guess what!!! Operation shop construction is under way!!!

I’m so EXCITED for him and I can’t wait until it’s done!  The shop that him and his dad share now is small and really old (it was already on the property).  It will be torn down soon and all their stuff moved to the new HUGE building.

Check it out!

They got started EARLY Tuesday morning

Slab by Wednesday!

Framing started Thursday!

They weren’t scheduled to start construction until later next week or even the last week in March but they were able to get started early. (No complaints here).

Today we are hoping they will be done with the framing and then completed by Monday or Tuesday.  Adam and his dad will then get started on electrical and plumbing.

I’m so happy that something he has wanted so bad and for so long is finally happening!!


Sarah Kate said...

Wow! Construction gets done quickly in your parts! :o) It would take 6 months for that to be built out here! I know he's gonna enjoy it!

Amy said...

What a nice sized shop. My hubby would be envious. He wants a Man Cave to hide in too.

Ya know... my husband does construction. I say both we take a road trip!! :) The men can work and we can eat and shop!! ;)

Amy said...

Wow! I can't believe your hubby and his dad can build a whole building from the ground up. That's awesome!

Johanson Family said...

It is AWESOME to see dreams turn into reality.. send some of that mojo my way! Excited for you all!! :)


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